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Test Smells – Reference

There was a time when I was all over testability.  Looking back I left it at I was going to work on creating some test smells and companion refactorings for a catalog.  I have not followed through on that.  I ended … Continue reading

June 4, 2007 Testability, Unit Testing

Refinements, Clarifications, and Simplifications of a Tune-Up

So after much discussion and confrontation, both mine and others, of A Tune-Up for TDD? I have some refinements, clarifications, and simplifications. First and for most it is clear that refactor to remove duplication should always be done to the … Continue reading

December 4, 2006 Testability, Unit Testing

Breaking with old ways

I read Eli’s posts Firing Events Made Easy and How To Isolate Future Instances last week and it hit me that this was ground breaking.  The capability that he demonstrates in these posts open doors that were previously shut without refactoring.  That … Continue reading

November 28, 2006 Testability, Unit Testing