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PowerShell and CCNet Email Configuration

I needed to fill in the email addresses for everyone using a factory.  I did not want to figure out everyone’s email address and create the email configuration by hand so I went looking for some type of Active Directory … Continue reading

June 18, 2007 CI Factory

Confusing Purpose and Benefit

 One of the main goals in Buddhism is to learn to be present in the now.  Not to wonder off into the past or the future.  When you are practicing meditation or any other Buddhist practice you do not do … Continue reading

June 15, 2007 Uncategorized, Unit Testing

Some Buddhist Words and Concepts

These are some of the words and concepts that I have learned from Pema Chodron lately.   Prajna – From Judy Lief: Prajna is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “best knowledge,” or “best knowing.” Prajna is a natural bubbling up … Continue reading

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