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January 31, 2007 Unit Testing

MbUnit and Zanebug Beta

Sean has a beta release of Zanebug available for download that includes support for MbUnit tests.  This is the first public release with MbUnit integration.  The Zanebug GUI is far more functional than the MbUnit GUI.  In fact that is the plan, to leave the old GUI in the dust and move to Zanebug.

This will finally round out MbUnit as a product.  It has long suffered from an inadequate GUI.  The framework and GUI were not in balance with each other, the framework always far in excess of the GUI.  If you are not familiar with Zanebug here are some of the reviews, all astounding.

Read the awesome review Zanebug received from Mike Gunderloy in the October 2004 edition of ADTMag.com:

“Zanebug, an outgrowth of and improvement on NUnit, is one of the promising recent entrants in [the TDD] field…If you’ve been keeping an eye on the unit-testing world, it’s worth looking at Zanebug to see if it’s a better alternative for your own needs.”

Some other recent reviews:

“The developers of NUnit did a wonderful job. However, there is a lot of functionality that is not in the GUI. If you are looking for more details, and a more ‘professional’ GUI, Zanebug may be helpful.” – heybo.com

“Zanebug is Like NUnit, but with a few extra features, the coolest
of which IMHO is performance statitics on tests” – Randomize Blog

“Unit testing with cool perf analysis” MSDN Powertoys Blog

“Zanebug is a better GUI for NUnit. Check it out.” blog.dreampro

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