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March 26, 2007 CI Factory, CI Factory News, Continuous Integration

CI Factory Beta

Announcing Beta 4 for CI Factory It can be downloaded here and the release notes can be viewed from here.

Justin Santa Barbara has made big contribution to this release. He submitted not only a patch, but 2 complete Packages: Wix and Xenocode. Justin was able to jump in and create brand new Packages with installers with out any help from me. He was also able to work his way through a patch that was not just at the NAnt level but the C# level too. His contributions add weight to my desire to focus more on making CI Factory easy to use, understand, and contribute too than on documenting it. This is not to say that I wont be concentrating some more than usual on documentation. I have finally got the NAnt documentation generation added to the build. Personally I would rather not have to read documentation, I would rather it was just plain as day. Thanks Justin – You Rock!

Just in case you have not noticed, there will be a release every Sunday until the RTM. There might be a Hot Beta in the middle of the week, a surprise, the kind that just can’t wait.

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