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April 2, 2007 CI Factory, CI Factory News, Continuous Integration

CI Factory Beta

Announcing Beta 5 for CI Factory  It can be downloaded here and the release notes can be viewed from here.

Well the suprise that I was hoping for last week never happened; maybe this week.

So what is new in this release?  There are some significant changes.  The Analytics Package and the Alerts Package (used to be the Threshold Package) are complete.  The dashboard has started to get a facelift.  The VSTSVersionControl Package is complete too, with installer.  Some smaller but important changes were: Getting NCover and MSTest to play nice, you no longer have to choose between coverage and app.configs for your test assemblies.  A couple of new targets in the Scratch.Lib.xml: SwitchToMuchBetterUnit and SetProjectOutputDirectory.  The first will switch NUnit projects to use MbUnit.  The second will switch Projects back and forth between a common bin and bins per project per config.  If you have alot of projects it can speed up the build to have them compile to one common directory.

So lets take a look at some of the new UI features.  Notice the logo change, not just to a CI Factory logo but the location.  I thought this made for a cleaner layout.  I have also added links to the most recent build in the Last Build Time and Label columns.  These links should get you to where you want to go faster.

There are a few things that I would like to point out on the build report page as long as we are on the subject of UI; these are not new.  There is a force button on everypage.  The build label is on the report.  This makes it easier to figure out what build you are looking at, sometime you forget or get distracted.

Scott Dorman has started helping with the UI.  I hope to add icons to the left of all the build report plugin links.  Take a look at what Scott has already done for the public SubText build server here (please don’t get confused about my screen shots, I have been using SubText as a test subject).

If you are interested in helping please join us over on Google Groups (Users and Devs).   One of the more interesting things up for development for the dashboard is Google Desktop Search integration.

Last thing, there are several source control Packages being developed at the moment:  Vault, StarTeam, and CVS.  We could use a hand getting them complete too.  Rob Hill, Simone Chiaretta, and Grant Keiser have started them.

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