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May 29, 2004 Uncategorized

The New Software Architect

Have you ever heard of genetic algorithms? Codefarm is using genetic algorithms in their product Galapagos. They are marketing the software for engineering, finance, entertainment, biotechnology, and security. I have only ever seen this technology used to create circuits. It seems only a matter of time till this technology and software design patterns meet. The question is how fill they fit, how best will they work together.

If you know of Microsoft’s WhiteHorse (I think this is it and this too) then you can imagine how one could use an interface similar to it to select an initial population. The more difficult part, as always, would be in creating the fitness tests for the evaluations of the newly spawned generations.
Is your head spinning yet? If not you must not understand. This kind of technology has the potentially to change so much it is mind boggling. It is already starting to change the economy. How will you be effected?

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