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May 23, 2005 Uncategorized

Serializer Plugin

I have release my first plugin for Relector, Serializer. Below are some screen shots of the plugin in action.

Select a class that is serializable, right click it and select the Serzializer menu item.

The righthand panel will appear. You can edit the values of the properties and save it as a file, SOAP or Binary. If the property is typed as an abstract you can create a instance of a concrete type by right clicking the property name and selecting the type you wish to create.

If you were wanting to open up a serialized object you can use the Open button or you can drag and drop the file onto the property grid. Don’t for get to select what kind of formatter was used to serialize the object first.

I plan to add things like user configured decorator streams, e.g. Zip Stream and Encryption Stream. Or even passing values to constructors.

You can get Serializer or the SerializerPlugin from GotDotNet.
You will need Jonathan de Halleux’s Relector.Framework for this to work. Please get release from ProjectDistributor.
You will also need Relector.

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