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September 6, 2007 CI Factory, Self Improvement

A New Beginning for My Vocation

Next Monday I start at Stelligent!  I have high hopes for my time with them.  They are a consulting firm specializing in optimizing software production.  This is of course done with things like automated developer tests and continuous integration.  This will expose me to a broader range of demands on CI.


Continuous Integration, my frontier.  These are the adventures of the trouble maker Jay Flowers. His  mission: To explore strange new projects. To seek out new software and new teams. To boldly take CI where it never has gone before.

I think that working at Stelligent will have a great affect on CI Factory.  Not only will the greater breath of experience for me translate into a more robust and polished product: I should have more time for CI Factory, the Stelligites have expressed an interesting in contributing to CI Factory, and I will get to play Johnny Appleseed, infecting more with the CI Factory meme.  There are a cupla possibilities that we will explorer too: hosting a publicly visible build server for CI Factory and offering professional CI Factory support for a fee.  Would any of you be interested in purchasing support?

I will be attending more conferences, speaking out more often, and writing more articles.  I plan to be at ALT.NET, I want to go to CITCON Brussels, I am speaking at OpenForce’07 with Charlie Poole, and will also be speaking at RockNUG Dec 12.

It is really easy to be present in the moment.  It just feels right. 🙂

3 to “A New Beginning for My Vocation”

  1. Haacked says...

    Congrats! So who was around first? Stelligent or Telligent?

  2. Andy Stopford says...

    Congrats Jay !

  3. jflowers says...

    Thanks guys. 🙂

    Stelligent goes back to 2000, so I think we existed first. Not that it is a contest.

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