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September 19, 2007 CI Factory News

Public Build Server for CI Factory

Stelligent is now hosting the build server for CI Factory.  That is correct the build server is now publicly available.



http://cifactorybuild.stelligent.com/ci factory



Not having a public build server has prevented the growth of a developer community on CI Factory.  I didn’t think it fare to invite people to become committers while the build server was private.  I see establishing a core development team on CI Factory as one of the most vital issues.  Hopefully this will open the way for others to join the team.

3 to “Public Build Server for CI Factory”

  1. Tiernan says...

    Good morning Jay.

    Just a quick note: the links on the front page of that site do not work. they are only linking to the server name, not the domain… When i click something, i get the following URL: http://cifactorybuild/CI%20Factory/default.aspx?_action_ViewProjectReport=true&server=CI+Factory&project=CI+Factory

  2. jflowers says...

    Good catch!
    It should be fixed now. 🙂

  3. sam2008 says...

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