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September 30, 2007 CI Factory, CI Factory News

CI Factory Beta

This is the second release of the 0.9 series, build 52.  You can read the release notes here and download from here.

This release includes and update for NCover 2.0.1!  Note the NCover package only supports 2.0.1.  There are two new force filters: Host and Password.  The host force filter will let you specify host names of clients that can force a build.  The password filter lets you specify a password that must be supplied to force a build.  The CI Factory live build server uses a password filter, see here.  Thanks to Nicolás Maldonado for a patch to use the program files env var instead of hard coding "C:\Program Files".

Most notable and easily apparent are the changes to web dashboard.  This release shows a significant start on a face lift. Thanks to Scott Dorman for some of these improvements.




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  1. Ken Scott says...

    Looks like good progress! I really like the look of the dashboard.

    With the update to NCover 2.0.1, is there any problem with it being a for-pay utility now?

    Do you plan to update NDepend? I get a message in my logs each time that a new version is available.

  2. jflowers says...

    I updated NDepend this evening, You can do the same by extracting the NDepend zip to the bin dir of the NDepend Package directory. Don’t forget to add the new dlls to source control!

    Peter and I have spoken about NCover going commercial. Everything is fin with it being a pay-for. In fact we have started a partnership program.

  3. JayFlowers > CI Factory Version 1.0 says...

    […] CI Factory Beta […]

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