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January 19, 2008 Uncategorized

Book: Test Driven .NET Development with FitNesse

My friend Gojko Adzic has written and a book and gotten it published.  I greatly admire his diligence, after some mishaps with a publisher he found a way to finish the book and publish it through Lulu.  So without further ado go get yourself a copy.

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  1. Test Driven says...

    This book is primarily aimed at .NET developers interested in starting with TDD and those who already practise unit testing and want to move beyond that into development driven by acceptance testing. It will also be useful to Java developers who are experienced with FitNesse, but wish to use it in a .NET environment. The .NET and Java implementations differ significantly in some ways, and this book points out all the important .NET-specific features. Java developers can also benefit from the third part of this book, where we discuss best practices for using FitNesse in a team environment and integrating FitNesse into the wider software development ecosystem, including web and database tests.

    You will learn when to use FitNesse, when not to use it, and when to combine it with unit testing tools.


    Installing FitNesse
    Our Project
    Writing basic tests
    Writing simple test scripts
    Writing efficient test scripts
    Removing duplication
    Coordinating fixtures
    Working with collections
    Working in a team
    Testing web interfaces
    Testing database code
    Testing legacy code
    Using business domain objects directly
    Tips and tricks

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