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August 3, 2009 CI Factory, CI Factory News

CI Factory, Where are you?

CI Factory and I have been stuck in the Java world for over a year now.  I have not had much reason to keep up with the Dot Net packages.  I iStock_000000778473XSmallknow there are new versions of most of the Dot Net tools CI Factory offers packages for.  I have let this keep me from releasing a new version of CI Factory.  There have been many new features in the core of CI Factory and several new packages around Java tools.  I will not sacrifice my personal life to maintain all of CI Factory.  As well I see no good reason for delaying a release of a new version of CI Factory for out-of-date Dot Net packages.  I welcome anyone’s help in updating the Dot Net packages.

That said I hope to finish a release version of 1.2 in August.

Here are some of the features in the new version:


  • Default CCNet projects are now Build Scripts, Dev, Heavy, Release, Deploy, and Test.
  • Improved directory structure, cleaner, more intuitive.
  • Ground work for 64 bit support.
  • Improved property names.
  • Better support for environment variables.


  • Real time log messages on the dashboard.
  • Improved how CCNet kills a process tree when a timeout occurs.
  • Improved dashboard layout.
  • Add WCF REST interface to CCNet server.
  • Added sounds to CCTray installer.


  • Added task deleteregistry.
  • Added task macrodef (credit to Eoin Curran).
  • Improved xsd intellisense to include properties, target names, functions, and more.
  • Added task propertystructure and property structure iterator for loopthrough task.
  • Added task stringadd to add values to a string list.
  • Added task stringsplit to convert a delaminated string into a string list.
  • Added process functions: get-current-pid, get-parent-pid, and get-command-line.
  • Improved code to allow overriding a target and calling a target by full name: full name format = [project name]::[target name].
  • Added task loadpackages to load CI Factory packages, packages are now a baked in part of NAnt.
  • Improved saveproperties task to accept property structure iterators.
  • Added package functions: find-name-by-type.
  • Added TargetProcess tasks.
  • Added property functions: destroy and value.
  • Added scriptfile functions: exists, loaded, get-file-Path, get-directory-Path, get-name, get-current-name, get-current-file-path, and get-current-directory.


  • Added TargetProcess Package, mine commit/checkin log message/comment for TargetProcess Story/Task/Bug id to display title and description on summary build report.
  • Upgrade to new version of Subversion 1.6.
  • Improved Ant package, includes Ant scripts for Compile, Coverage Instrumentation with Corbertura, JUnit, and Packaging.
  • Added FitNesse Package.
  • Added Selenium Package.
  • Added JUnit Package.
  • Added Corbertura Package.
  • Added JUnit Integration Test Package.
  • Added Personal Tracking Package.
  • Added Eclipse Package.
  • Added support for VS 2008.
  • Analytics: general improvements plus new graphs and measures for FitNesse, individual developers, Code Coverage.