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June 20, 2005 Uncategorized

All Sorts of Good Stuff

I have not been able to find an appropriate project to push this stuff to so I have created my own, ASOGS. So far I have included these namespaces and classes:

    • Collections
      • Map
      • MapBase
    • ExceptionHandling
      • AggregateExceptionHandler
      • ExceptionHandlerBase
    • Reflection
      • AssemblyInformation
      • AssemblyInformationList
      • TypeArrayComparer
      • TypeArrayHashCodeProvider
    • Serialization
      • Cloner
      • Persistor
      • Serializer
    • Patterns
      • DoubleDispatchReflector
      • UniversalFactory

I have yet to move all the reuseable code that I have collected over the last year into the ASOGS project. Somethings that I plan to include are:

  • Exception Serialization Handling
  • Plugin Managment
  • Singleton Manager
  • Resource Pool Manager

I will try to post some details about these class in future blog entries, and get these additions into a ASOGS release soon.

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