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July 26, 2005 Uncategorized

Ticket Systems and CI

I have noticed that most of the people and organizations that preach the virtues of Continuous Integration (CI) also preach the virtues of a good ticket system (Jira is a good example).  What I find interesting is that no one, to my knowledge, has integrated a ticket system with CI.  If you have a ticket system that records all your requirements as well as your bugs doesn’t that describe all the work to be done to your code?  Lets say it does. Could the CI server integrate with the ticket system similarly to the source control system?  Well of course it could, but what does that buy you?  So lets say that a developer must submit a ticket and code to the build.  There would be an association between the code submited to the source control repo and the ticket used to task the developer.  This association would be used to aquire information on this ticket in the build script and include it in the build log/report.  Besides displaying what ticket was completed with that build the build script can update information in the ticket.  It could change the assignee, add a note, change the status, or any number of things.  At my work we have the build script move the ticket(s), in PVCS Tracker, to the test team and add a note with information on what build the ticket was sucessfully built in.  On the MbUnit project we are in the process of integrating Jira in the same fashion.  It seems to me that the ablility of a build script to associate a ticket with a change and manipulate that ticket is a very powerful thing.  I find it interesting that I can not find this is kind of thing going on else where.

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