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May 22, 2006 Uncategorized


Another release for Doubler. Download

Change Log:

  • Added MSTest as a supported framework
  • Changed Interapper Namespace output to Wrapped
  • Corrected creation of default constructor on Interapper
  • Corrected passthrough creation to not include those implemented by Object
  • Added Import addition of wrappies namespace
  • Basic array square brackets are translated into the word Array for Type and Member Recorder Names
  • Recorders now override or implement member defined on super types of subject

Next I will be adding plugin support for Recording Test Stubs.  You will be able to configure Doubler to use a plugin to write more recording features into the test stub.  For example say you want a call count, the number of times a method has been called.  You could write a plugin to add the functionality into the recorder.

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