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June 28, 2006 OOP, Unit Testing

Unit Testing and TDD Resources

There are an awful lot of resources out there for TDD and unit testing. Though it can be difficult to find the good ones. I have been trying recently to accumulate a list of them. I have also just stumbled on a treasure trove: Jeremy D. Miller. I like his material on unit testing because he seems to think about this stuff in much the same way I do. Anyway here is my current list:

I would suggest reading these articles (maybe even in this order):
  1. Introduction To Unit Testing
  2. TDD Design Starter Kit – State vs. Interaction Testing
  3. Shrinking the Edge and Expanding the Creamy Center
  4. Haacked on TDD and Jeremy’s First Rule of TDD
  5. TDD Design Starter Kit – Dependency Inversion Principle
  6. TDD Design Starter Kit: It’s All about Assigning Responsibilities
  7. Singleton Vs JustCreateOne
  8. Dependency Issues
  9. Design 4 Tesatbility
  10. Unit Testing Highly Cyclomatic Test Subjects
  11. Retrofitting unit tests
  12. Design Principles in Test First Programming
  13. Database Unit Testing
  14. Achieve Better Results by following Jeremy’s Third Law of TDD: Test Small Before Testing Big
  15. Jeremy’s Second Law of TDD: Push, Don’t Pull
  16. Some Test Driven Development observations
  17. More Test Driven Development observations
Here are some web sites:

Here are some blogs:

Here are some tools:
You should really join the TDD user group and maybe even the OOP user group:

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